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Removing an internal wall - Council approval needed?
Started by Alister12 Apr 2017

I'm considering removing an internal wall to create a larger living space.  I've been advised informally by a structural engineer that the building will be structurally sound post-removal of the wall.  Do I need to obtain any council approvals for this type of structural change?

12 Apr 2017

I'm currently renovating and just removed an internal pantry wall from the original kitchen(check out the pics in my blog). I did however have to put something in its place as it was a load bearing wall which I wasnt super happy about but better to be safe than sorry. The builder told me that I did not have to get any council approval but I obviously needed a report by a structural engineer. From my experience you dont need council approval to change the interior of a house you own but you 100% need a structural report by an engineer to ensure it's completely safe. Out of curiousity, have you had a quote to get it removed? Ours was a small fortune!

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19 Apr 2017

Cheers Robbo, this is useful information.  I definitely intend to have a formal structural enginnering report (obviously no point in risking the whole roof caving in!) No, I've not had a quote for the removal as yet as it's probably a few months until we'll pull the trigger on the removal.