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House and Land - North of the River
Started by MikeR9 Apr 2017

Hi guys, 


Looking at the possibility of purchasing a house and land package North of the River, preferably within 20-30kms of the CBD. Any suggetions for a good builder? Any details appreciated


Cheers, Mike

10 Apr 2017

Check out house and land packages on sites like:  https://www.newhomesguide.com.au/homes/perth/house-land/

I guess it all comes down to your budget, and also finding a home design that you like with a reputable builder...

Best of luck!

11 Apr 2017



I have just built with Wow Homes and I highly recommend them.

I had no idea what to expect when I walked into one of their show rooms as I have never owned or built a house but the Salesman I dealt with Tom Brooks was amazing. He was so helpful and I never felt pressured into signing up with him.

My house has just been completed, it took a little under 5 months from start to finish and the house is amazing its more than what I expected - I never had any major problems and the minor problems I did have were dealt with very quickly.

If you havent found a Builder yet i recommend Wow Homes and speak with Tom Brooks.

21 May 2018

Have noticed the thread are way back 2017, but would like to share this website still since I spend time to do researched for other help:). Others might want to consider Lekeal' House and Land Packages as this company have in Victoria and New South Wales.

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