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Higher ceilings in living areas, not applied to alfresco
Started by Lukian10 Apr 2017

Just wanted to share an experience with our building plans that might be useful to others...

We wanted 31 course ceilings throughout the living areas in our house, which were made to the final draft of our plans which we checked and approved.  And then just before the plans were meant to be submitted to Council for approval, our builder tells us that there is a problem - the alfresco adjoining to the living room was marked as 28c, not 31c (which was fine with us, we didnt necessarily want the alfresco to have a higher ceiling for the additional cost).  The problem was apparently the pitch or angle of the roof with the two different ceiling heights, meaning the alfresco had to be 31c.  We agreed and the changes were made, but this could have caused an unnecessary delay if it was rejected by Council, or later down the track during construction (especially if re-work took place due to the incorrect plans)!