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Has anyone had trouble from the council regarding patio building?
Started by Robbo2129 Mar 2017

We just bought a unit in South Perth and are looking to do some sort of alfresco/patio outside and want to go a bit further than your standard type and was wondering if anyone has actually ever been rejected by the council and if so, what were the reasons?

30 Mar 2017

We didnt have any issues with our Council's approval for our pation - although it was quite standard, but would suggest asking whoever you are planning to use to install your Patio whether you are likely to have any issues.  What were you thinking of doing with it that might prompt a rejection from your Council?

6 Apr 2017

We have a really odd shaped outdoor area so we really need to take advantage of the whole area but that would mean its close to the side and front boundary walls. We were planning on doing it DIY so haven't discussed anything with any patio guys. Would love input on what I should include or leave out of the outdoor setting from anyone.

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11 months ago

Hey Robbo21, 

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