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Flyscreen repair
Started by Flip323 Jul 2018

Hey guys, has anyone tried to replace the flyscreen material on a sliding door? I have a massive rip in mine! I've looked online and it seems easy enough but wondering if anyone has any pointers before I take the door off and give it a crack.

3 Jul 2018

Whatever you do, don't get the heavy duty insect screen unless you know what you are doing. I did mine and used that first but it has almost no leeway and very hard to bend into the door frame. My roller ended up cutting the mesh so many times because it wouldn't bend, it would just break! Learnt it the hard way

Best bet for us home DIY guys is the cheapest possible material(fibreglass I think) as it is very easy to bend into the frame. I'll end up posting up how I did it on my blog shortly if you want to check it out.

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