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We had the same issue in this bathroom with the drain for the shower being above concrete but got that sorted as well.Tiling on but still so much more to go.

This one was tricky because we didn't know whether to change to layout completely or just upgrade what was already there. We ended up deciding to keep the same layout because of the size of the bathroom. Once the room was stripped, the first issue we had was that the original drains for the shower and bath were raised off the ground which was no good for us as we wanted the clean straight floor look.Lucky I have a great mate who easily sorted it out for us

This is not what you want to see when opening your new toilet package. We bought 4, 2 came cracked and 2 came with poor rubber mounts that wouldn't hold the toilet seat on. Not happy about that

First thing was first, remove the ugly carpet from the house and the horrible old air con unit out of the lounge area wall. Hard at work a few weeks in.

Here are the pics from the outside of our new place. Stay tuned for the latest renovations inside. Apologies for the poor quality pics as these are straight from the app!